Medicare 101 Educational Seminar

Medicare Educational Seminar
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Attend our free virtual seminar to learn:

  • Medicare components (part A, B, C, and D) and what they cover
  • Medicare costs and what you need to minimize your out-of-pocket costs
  • Enrollment guidelines, timeliness, and how to avoid common enrollment mistakes
  • How to transition into Medicare when you retire or stop working
  • Understanding Medicare Supplement versus Medicare Advantage plan. And, how to choose a Medicare option that fits your needs

After attending this seminar, you’ll understand more about Medicare, how it works, know your Medicare options, and get answers to your questions. Completely free and purely educational.

This class is being taught by Esther Sulistio,  a Medicare insurance broker and a regular speaker on Medicare educational seminar from Medicare Central.

“The Medicare Seminars provided to Serving Seniors have been a great educational resource for senior members. It is a time for folks to learn and ask questions they otherwise may not have an opportunity to address.”

Korina Borash – Serving Seniors Downtown San Diego



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