Get a Medicare plan that suits your needs. I am certified to offer Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plans.


Get health insurance through Covered California or off-exchange. We also offer dental and vision insurance. All services are provided WITHOUT COST.


Prepare for the inevitable. Get protection for your family with term or permanent life insurance. 

Client Testimonials

 " Esther is a lovely insurance agent to work with. She works very efficiently and keeps you in check regarding deadlines. Also I love how she's always on top of things and makes herself available to you. I've never had a problem reaching her. Every time I have questions or issues with my account she's always glad to help! "



" I’ve received a lot of phone calls and mails from others, selling something about Medicare. I called Esther and made an appointment. I sat down with her and she found the best plan for me. And If I don’t understand something, I could call her and Esther would return my call in a timely manner. I find her to be honest, trustworthy and dependable. Now open enrollment is up again and she's the one I will be calling on. Believe it or not, she’s good at what she does. "


  " Most agents try to push me a certain health plan without knowing my needs, hence I know those agents get the most commission from certain plans; NOT SO with Esther; she showed me multiple plans & provided a recommendation after requested & after listening to my needs. She explains well when asked for reasons for her recommendation. That's how I know she cares."



" I just moved to the United States a month ago with a family and I was struggling to get the affordable and reliable medical insurance for my family. At the same time, I was also looking to get the full understanding how medical insurance works here in the US. Unfortunately everyone I met to get the medical insurance couldn’t make me understand about it. Few weeks back, someone connected me with Esther and we got in touch with each other. She was not just able to get me the best medical insurance under Covered California, but also gave me full understanding how everything works. My application had some back and fourth but she has always responded and taken action promptly without delay. I really appreciate all of her help. I highly recommend Esther for getting the right medical insurance. "



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